TWIGGLELAND – Learning Activities

altValerie Brincat, the creator of Twiggle Land Activities, being a mother herself, understood every parent’s desire to help their children achieve their full potential. Therefore she followed her dream of creating educational resources for children of good quality, ones that will encourage and motivate the child to learn and enjoy it too!

Twiggle Land magnets are made from durable strong white card. The matt finish, white isolated backgrounds and clear text help any child concentrate more on the activity without any unnecessary distractions. Twiggle Land uses high quality photographs to help the children generalize and relate the concept of the activity to their everyday lives. These activities are also beneficial for children with learning difficulties.

Twiggle Land Learning activities are beneficial for professionals, teachers, learning aids, carers and also parents caring for children. These learning activities also help strengthen the interaction between the children and their carers in the most simplest and fun way.

There are four different activities:-

“Taking Care of Me”

Teaching the basics of proper personal hygiene is important for keeping kids healthy and clean. Getting the children to take over their personal hygiene and what items they need to take care of themselves is an important step in the development of their independence. Such as dental care, hair care, just to name a few.

“Our Community” 

This activity is a wonderful way to broaden your children’s horizons and help them learn about the world beyond home–their community. Places in our community such as the supermarket and restaurant, just to name a few are included in this magnificent and useful activity!

“My House”

This activity teaches children a variety of items associated and found in the rooms of our home, such as the kitchen, bathroom, just to name a few.

“Let’s Go Shopping!”

This is a really sweet and different activity. This activity teaches the children how to do their grocery shopping from a supermarket. Using the provided shopping lists the children learn to read the items from the list, find it from the shopping shelves and they put the items in their trolley. With the provided dry erase marker, they check the item on the list.

Every activity can be used in different ways as there is list of extended activities for guidance on the back of each box. Twiggle Land Learning Activities are found in all major stationeries around Malta and Gozo and also from BDL, San Gwann whom are our sole distributor. They can also be purchased from our website