Roderick Bovingdon

Born Ħ’Attard. Before leaving for Australia with his family, he read the Classics (Latin & Greek) together with Maltese, English & Italian at Floriana Seminary. Aged 16 Bovingdon disembarked at Woolloomooloo, Sydney on 14/01/1959. Having left college prematurely owing to the family’s move, some years after arrival he completed his secondary education to matriculation level through night school. In the total absence of facilities to include Maltese in this itinerary, he pursued his goal to finality through the Oxford Delgacy of Examinations, UK, thus pioneering the way for all other potential candidates in similar circumstances to sit for Maltese in Australia. With no teachers of Maltese anywhere in Australia, he self taught and passed in Advanced Level Maltese by proxy through Oxford. Meanwhile he graduated with his first degree as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN), equivalent to B.Sc. in Applied Clinical Psychology & Psychiatry, followed by six other post graduate nursing qualifications. He undertook further advanced tertiary studies obtaining Diplomas in Nursing Administration (DipNAdmin.) from the University of NSW, in Health Counselling (DipHCouns) and in Medical Terminology (DipMT), followed by one year in advanced Italian Literature and the basics of Arabic all through Sydney University. At the University of New England, NSW, he read Philosophy and English Literature for another year. Granted a special scholarship by the Government of Malta he completed 1981-82 reading towards a five year Bachelor of Education course at MU  with Maltese as the main subject. These studies were interrupted by the sudden fatal illness of his father back in Sydney, necessitating him to return to Australia prematurely. In 1994 he was again granted a Malta Government scholarship to specialise in Maltese. He graduated (BAHons), cum laudae from UM in 1998. Back in Sydney with his fresh qualifications in Maltese, he procured the NSW Education Minister’s approval to establish the Maltese Language School of NSW with the added backing of the Maltese Community Council of NSW and key individuals hand picked by Bovingdon himself. Fortified by these academic successes he embarked on a series of peer reviewed monographs presented to international conferences on Maltese Linguistics. In the interim he further enriched his grasp of Maltese, again as an autodidact, in the related languages of Hebrew, Aramaic, Phoenician/Punic and Hieroglyphics whilst further supplanting his time by giving lectures on Maltese Art, Literature, History, Archaeology and Maltese Settlement in Australia at various tertiary institutions. – Through the auspices of the Special Broadcasting Services (SBS), Australia, he also qualified as Broadcaster/Journalist.

Prior to the above named Maltese school Bovingdon had already pioneered the first ever Maltese Language School in Australia (1968), this being the first ever school of Maltese anywhere in the world outside of Malta.

He co-founded a Maltese drama group (1966) and the Society of Maltese Writers (1969) within the same drama association in Sydney (1969). In 1972 he began the first Maltese Literay Journal in Australia, Ix-Xefaq (The Horizon).   

He has authored ten academic books and translated some poetry from French, Spanish & Italian into Maltese and minor excerpts from Classical Arabic (Hadiths) and snippets from Classical Greek (Plato and Homer) and his own Australian historical  ballad of Truganini from Maltese into English. He as been copiously interviewed on radio, TV and the print media, both in Malta and Australia. He corresponds frequently with Maltese newspapers and journals in both countries. Bovingdon’s opinion is widely sought after on Maltese language and cultural matters as a highly respected Maltese Australian intellectual of substance and as a serious researcher and academic.

His latter day interests include delving into the earlier pre-Arabic strata of Phoenician/Punic remnants in Maltese.

Before embarking on his academic pursuits Bovingdon pioneered the Maltese popular song in Australia “Il-Blata/Bejn il-Ħbieb” (1974) thereby inspiring a renaissance of Maltese culture amongst Maltese settlers throughout Australia. As a singer, songwriter, composer of the Maltese song his professional singing lasted for an uninterrupted stretch of 25 years until his voluntary retirement to devote all his energy to his preferred linguistic, literary and intellectual followings.

He was guest speaker for the Malta Foreign Affairs Department, Convention of Maltese Living Abroad (2010); Karmen Mikallef Buħaġar Foundation of the UM, Dun Karm Memorial Biennial Lecture (2002); Association of Teachers of Maltese in Australia, Malta High Commission, Canberra (2007); Maltese Cultural Association, Sydney (2006); Holroyd City Council Library ‘Meet the author’ (2009); Blacktown City Library (1969); Royal Australian Historical Society (2010); Arabic Society of Sydney University (1976); Goethe Institute and the Australia Council at the Adult Education Week (1985); Earle Page College, University of New England (2007); Fairfield Melita Drama Company, Maltese Literary Evening (1967); St Dominic’s Retirement Village: launch of new book ‘Pavlvs’ (2009); Welcome address to Archbishop Cremona, Maltese Women’s Association (2008); Welcome address to H.E. Dr Fenech Adami, Malta High Commission, Canberra (2009);

Accolades include: Special Citation Maltese Cultural Association, Sydney (1990); winner of the prestigious Francis Ebejer Playwright’s Award (1999); his name is recorded in the Dean’s List, Arts Faculty, UM for Academic Distinction (1995); Special Mention in the Ġużè Ellul Mercer Playright’s Award (1998); Special Mention in Malta Emigrants Commission Literary Competition (1969); appointed a Justice of the Peace, Supreme Court of NSW (1962); Maltese Cultural Award (2000); Ġieħ Ħ’Attard, Attard Local Council (2014).

Organised Maltese books exhibitions: Fairfield Melita Drama Company premises at Horsley Drive, Smithfield, NSW (1967); Arabic Society of Sydney University (1975); Blacktown City Councilo Library (1983); Maltese Cultural Association of NSW (2007);  La Valette Social Centre, (2011);

Former literary editor/contributor: The Maltese Herald; The Voice of Malta in Australia; The Times of Malta in Australia; Il-Maltija; Formerly on the Editorial Board of The Maltese Herald; Former Director of NAATI (National Australia Accreditation of Translators and Interpreters);

Philanthropy: Bovingdon has donated books and artefacts to Maltese institutions in both countries (Gozo Library; Melitensia at UM; Malta Emigrants Commission; La Valette Social Centre, NSW; Maltese Literature Group, Melbourne; Maltese Cultural Association, Sydney; Dun Karm Monument, Floriana; Għaqda tal-Malti, Università; Akkademja tal-Malti; and others). Has interviewed a large number of intellectuals, writers, leading citizens and has critiqued several major literary and linguistics works by reputed authors.

Recorded on tape a series of Maltese language lectures for the Sydney University Language Laboratories (1970).


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Distinguished persons interviewed:

Alexander Borg; Noam Chomsky; Peter Serracino Inglott; Sir Alfred Cuschieri; Oliver Friggieri; Alfred Palma; Monica Attard (High profile Australian journalist); Trezza Azzopardi (Welsh novelist); Mario Azzopardi; Ġorġ Pisani; Albert Borg; Manwel Mifsud; Victor Aquilina; Josephine Zammit Cordina; Josephine Zammit; Oreste Chircop; Joe Barbara; Charles Camilleri; Guido De Marco; Mark Montebello; Pawlu Cremona; Ugo Mifsud Bonnici; Arnold Cassola; Edward De Bono; Anton Buttigieg, Achille Mizzi; Joe Felice Pace; Edmund Theuma; Caroline Navarro; Lawrenz Cachia; Reinhold Kontzi; Victor Zammit; Pierre Fenech; Victor Chircop-Sullivan; Stephen Gatt; Joseph Brincat;  Joe Axiaq; Joe Saliba (Maltese-Australian poet); Maurice Mifsud; Connie Vidal; Carmen Morris; Jeff Fenech; Joe Briffa; Darren Gauci; Maryanne Grima; Eddie Busuttil; Victor Gauci; Jeff Galea; Natasha Stott Despoja (Former Australian Democrats Leader); Carmen Lawrence (Former Premier of W.A.);


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Interviewed on Radio & TV by:

Malta: Josephine Zammit Cordina in ‘Dak, Dik u l-Oħra’, ‘Waltzing Matilda’, ‘Boomerang’, PBS; Piju Dalli, PBS; George Peresso, Radju Bronja; Monica Attard Radio 101; Reuben Gauci, Channel 22; Charles Xuereb Radju tal-Università; Norman Hamilton, SuperOne TV; Ray Azzopardi, SuperOne TV; Radju Hompesch; Radju Calypso; Vincent Xerri, PBS; Enzo Guzman, PBS; Callus, PBS; Charles Coleiro, PBS TV/Radio; et al

 Australia: Special Broadcasting Services – (Melbourne) Joe Axiaq; Victor Aquilina; Vivienne Kost; John Borg; Marlene Galea; Richard Curmi; (Sydney) Rita O’Dwyer; Antoine Said Pullicino; Josephine Zammit; Mike Lanzon; (Brisbane) Reno Galea; (Adelaide) Gejtu Grech; Connie Vidal; (Perth) Carmen Morris; Maltese TV/Radio Services – Charles Curmi; (Radio SydneyOne) Frank Delia; 2SER FM; 2EA; 3ZZZ; et al

 Affiliations: Malta Historical Society & Din L-Art Ħelwa (Life Member); Grupp Arkeoloġiku Malti; Akkademja tal-Malti; Għaqda Poeti Maltin (Membru Onorarju); Għaqda tal-Malti (Università); Arabic Society of Sydney University; Dante Alighieri Society of Sydney University; Fairfield Melita Drama Company; Good Neighbour Council; Għaqda Kulturali Maltija; NAATI (former Director); APRA (Writer Full Member); AMCOS (Life Member); Kunsill għall-Maltin li Jgħixu Barra; Australian Writers’ Guild; Formerly on the Editorial Board of the Maltese Heralds; Fairfield City Council Library Committee; Holroyd City Library Committee;

 Honours & Awards: Kummissjoni Emigranti Matija; Francis Ebejer Drama Award; Għaqda Kulturali Maltija ta’ NSW Special Citation & Cultural Award; Dean’s List for Academic Excellence, Malta University; Għaqda Poeti Maltin Honorary Member; Akkademja tal-Malti (Academic Life Member); Justice of the Peace for NSW; Director, National Australian Accreditation of Translators & Interpreters; Consultant, Editorial Board, Maltese Herald; Dante Alighieri Society of Sydney University; Arabic Society of Sydney University; Din L-Art Ħelwa (Life Member); Il-Grupp Arkeoloġiku Malti; Australasian Performing Right (Writer Full Member); American Biographical Institute Research Board of Advisers; International Biographical Centre Advisory Council; Australian Mechanical Copyright Organisation;  Australian Writers’ Guild; Għaqda tal-Malti (Università); Malta Philosophical Society; Ġieħ Ħ’Attard, Kunsill Lokali Ħ’Attard;


International Conferences & Publications:

2011: Varati żewġ kotba fuq Dun Karm, Rodrigu Bovingdon, Greystanes, NSW; 2010: International Convention of Maltese Living Abroad, Dept. Foreign Affairs; 2009: Meet author Roderick (Rigu) Bovingdon, Holroyd City Council Central Library; Nat. Conf. for Teachers & Administrators of Maltese in Aust. & NZ,Malta High Commission, Canberra; 2008: Earle Page College, Univ. of New England, NSW; 2007: 9th Int. Conf. on Minority Langs., Stockholm Univ; Corpus Linguistics Conf., Lancaster Univ., UK; 2006: Corpus linguistics around the world, Lancaster Univ.; 2004:Il-Poeżija ta’ Rodrigu Bovingdon, Studju kritiku – Oliver Friggieri (Ms) 2002: 2nd Asia International Lexicography Conference, Payap Univ., Chiang Mai, Thailand;1996: Norman Hamilton, Super One TV – Bla Aġenda;1995: Joseph Brincat, Our language/s: perceptions and projections, ST, (28.iv); 1994: Ġużè Aquilina: Meeting People: Roderick Bovingdon, ST; L-Aħħar Għanja – Il-lirika ta’ Rigu Bovingdon, M, (18.viii); 1985: Council of Adult Educ., Melbourne; Ġabra konċiża dwar il-ħidmiet primarji għall-avvanz tal-Malti fl-Awstralja, Melitensia, UM Library; 1982: PBS – Waltzing Matilda (TVM) & Boomerang (Radju Malta), Josephine Zammit Cordina; 1969:Ix-Xefaq, Vol. 1-4, L-el. ġurnal letterarju Malti fl-Awstralja, Sydney;

Recorded literary programs: Maltese lessons on tape for Sydney University Language Laboratory; SBS Radio – Maltese Australian poets (Il-qawwa tal-kelma); Maltese idiom (L-idjoma Maltija); history of the Maltese language from its earliest beginnings (Il-Malti mill-bidu sa llum); critical mini-biographies of Maltese language enthusiasts and scholars of Maltese (X’għamlu għall-Malti?);              


45rpm’son 7 inch vinyl records; Bejn il-bieb/Il-Blata (Between friends/The Rock) – 1st Maltese sound recording in Australia the release of which caused a cultural awarness amongst Maltese Australians Australia wide – 1974 – EMI Records Sydney; Bejn il-Ħbieb/Il-Blata – 1975 – (Malta) Brizzi Records; Maltin u Għawdxin (Maltese & Gozitans) – 1976 – EMI Records Sydney; Maltin u Għawdxin – (Malta) – Anthony D’Amato; Ħabbejt/Tfuliti f’Malta (I have loved/My childhood in Malta) – 1978 – Kanangra Recording Studios; Bil-mod il-mod/Xalata fuq il-Baħar (Softly softly/Picnic on the sea) – 1979 – “Ejjew Ningħaqdu/Tfajla tal-Widien – 1983 – Sydney – Kanangra;

Cassettes: Suċċessi Maltin No 6 – Featuring Rigu – 1977 (Malta) – Anthony D’Amato; Ma’ Rigu minn Sydney – 1980 – Kanangra Records; L-Aħħar Għanja – 1996 (Malta) – KTA/Phillip Vella; L-Għanja Żaren ta’ Vestru – Sydney – 2002

LP’s:    L-Emigrant – 1979; Suċċessi Maltin No 6 – Featuring Rigu – 1977 (Malta) – Anthony D’Amato;

CD’s:    Rigu: L-Aħħar Għanja 1996 (Malta) – KTA/Phillip Vella; Rigu:Diski li ma  jmutux – 2006 (Sydney); Għanjiet Rigu: 1974-2008 – 2009 (Sydney)    



JMS – Journal of Maltese Studies

KKM – Klabb Kotba Maltin

LS – Leħen is-Sewwa (Malta)

M – Il-Mument

TOMA – The Times of Malta & Australia, Melbourne

TMIS – The Malta Independent on Sunday

TMN – The Maltese Newsletter

TMHS – The Maltese Herald, Sydney

T – It-Torċa

TST – The Sunday Times of Malta

TVOM – The Voice of Malta in Australia, Melbourne

UM- University of Malta