Professor Maurice Cauchi

altProf Cauchi was born in Gharb, Gozo in 1936 and graduated MD in 1961. He undertook postgraduate study at the University of London, and, after a brief spell as Lecturer at the University of Malta he proceeded to Australia  (in 1969) to take up a post  as Senior Lecturer at Monash University in Melbourne, and later on as Clinical Associate Professor  at  Monash and Melbourne Universities.
He became interested in migration issues and held positions as President of the Maltese Literature Group, President of the Maltese Community Council of Victoria and Chair of the Ethnic Communites’ Council of Victoria.
He returned to Malta in 1992 as Professor of Pathology during which time he was Chair of the Bioethics Consultative Committee. He became involved with setting up the Migration Museum, during which time he set up the website:, an interactive facility relating to migration issues.
He has written a large number of articles to local newspapers on issues relating to health, social issues, multiculturalism and migration (see website:  He has published several monographs  on these issues (see list below):
a) Relating to Migration:
Maltese Migrants in Australia, 1996
Maltese Background Youth, (Ed) M. Cauchi, H.Borland, R. Adams, Victoria University, 1999, Proceedings of Conference, Melbourne.]
The Maltese Migrant Experience, Maurice N. Cauchi, 1999.
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Maltese Achievers in Australia, MCCV Melbourne, 2006
A Who’s Who of Maltese – Background Persons in Australia and New Zealand . Maltese Historical Association, Melbourne, 2008
Under One Umbrella: A history of the Maltese Community Council of Victoria, 1958-2008, MCCV, Melbourne, 2009.
b) In Maltese:
Is-Saħħa:  M. Cauchi, 1982 (Second edition , 1997)
Meta Jofroħ il-Baħar: (Ed): G.Abela and M. Cauchi, 1983
Mixja ta Delllijet (Novella), 1983
Siltiet: Gabra ta Kwotazzjonijiet (with J Abela,) 1984
Irjieħ:  Anthology of Poetry from Australia (Ed: M.Cauchi, M.Cassar, J. Saliba, Maltese Literature Group, Melbourne 1986.
Ix-Xjenza u s-Socjetà (2000)
Bijoetika fl-Ewropa Illum.  M.N. Cauchi, PEG Publications,2002.
c) Bioethical Issues:
Boethics and Disability Bioethics Consultative Committee, Editor, Malta 1999
Patients’ Rights, Reproductive Technology, Transplantation, Editor Bioethics Consultative Committee, Malta 2000.
Inter-Professional Ethics in Health Care, Editor Bioethics Consultative Committee, Malta 2001
Bioetical Issues at the Beginning and End of Life.  Editor Bioethics Consultative Committee, Malta 2002.
Ethics, Science and Society , Editor Bioethics Consultative Committee, Malta 2003.
Health, Bioethics and the Law, (with K Aquilina & B Ellul),Malta University Press, 2006.
Health Issues Today: medical, societal and bioethical. Malta University Press, 2011
d) Other:
Obstetric and Perinatal Immunology. Edward Arnold, 1981.  Translated into Italian (1983) and Russian: (1986).
The Clinical Pathology of Pregnancy and the Newborn Infant. (Ed, M.N.Cauchi, G..L.Gilbert. & J.B. Brown)    Edward Arnold, 1984.
Trends in Pathology in Malta. (Ed), University of Malta, 1996
Life is a Miracle: The Human Body in Health and Disease.  Mireva Publications, 1998.
A Picture of Gozo: Studies on ethnographic, educational and health aspects of life in Gozo, 1998
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The University Gozo Centre: From Vision to Reality.  Ed Maurice N.Cauchi, 2002.