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Francis Xavier Aloisio

BDL Books - Francis Xavier Aloisio

Francis Xavier Aloisio was born on the island of Malta but spent more than half of his life abroad, first in Perù as a missionary priest and then in England where he eventually settled after resigning from the Church.

Whilst abroad, he realised that not many people knew about Malta, its glorious history and its prehistoric temples. During his short time in Canada, he started to write an Overview of his life with no broad details. Then, on his return home, he had a strong urge to find a way to promote this history and the unique wealth of its prehistoric culture.

Firstly he created a collection of paintings depicting Malta’s journey throughout history; and then he started doing his own research on the Temples. He completed a trilogy on the temples of Malta; Islands of Dream was the first of this opus. Then he published the second novel The Age of Magic and Wisdom and the third novel The New Temple Dreamers. He recently published An Alternative Handbook to the Maltese Temples – a cosmic perspective and guide. He is in the process of publishing The Islands of Dream Speak – Researching and Experiencing the Prehistoric Temples of Malta. What a Trip! is a self-reflective autobiography whereby he shares his journey on the long road towards inner happiness and spiritual growth.

Francis is a visionary artist, author and subtle energy guide and temple escort. He draws his inspiration for his paintings from his Maltese background and his experience in South America. He accompanies people to experience the many energy sites on Malta and Gozo and their link with Atlantis. His wife, Christine, accompanies people who want to connect with Lemurian Energies found along the Central Coast of California and especially around Cambria and Big Sur.

Additional info:

Why don’t you write about your life experience?” This was the question that an old lady asked me one day when I was living in Canada. I never thought that there was anything interesting in my life worth writing about, much less anything for others worth reading about. Generally only famous, important and successful people write their autobiographies. I had no such attributes.  However, having some time to kill while I was in Vancouver, I decided to write an ‘overview’ of my life without much detail.

On my return to Malta, an opportunity arose to attend a Tantric workshop on the island of Gozo, which is something outside of my normal curriculum as an artist and spiritual facilitator. However, I knew deep in my heart that God works in mysterious ways. My inner voice was saying: Why not quench my curiosity by venturing into the unknown? With a thirst to discover my true emotional feelings, I listened to an inner voice.

The time was ripe to go beyond my fears and be true to myself, particularly in regard to my sexual expression, which had been suppressed for far too long! This workshop was a first in Malta and also for me.

After the week in Gozo, the urge to put on paper my experience of the Tantric week was very strong. That inner voice came back again, saying: Start writing about this workshop! Somehow the story wanted to be written, and once I started writing, things came to me unexpectedly. The book then took on a life of its own, and one chapter led to another. I was very much surprised with the creation that was taking place in front of me. As I had never planned to write my life’s story, the surprise was even greater. The life story, as a self-reflection autobiography, came to completion with a combination of conscious intent and unconscious attraction.

The months spent on unravelling my whole story—from those early years of my childhood up to the present moment—turned out to be a long period of reflection, re-evaluation and meditation. What surprised me was that, while I was writing and exploring my past, I discovered my sexuality and became more connected to my spiritual path and inner growth. These two diametrically opposed entities were very much working and moving in tandem. My ‘coming of age’ spiritually came with the lesson of being in love, and a true sexual loving relationship came much later with my surrender to Spirit.

Although my past conditioning was weighing heavily on me, I felt at the same time, a sense of relief and transmutation during the whole process of writing. It gave me the opportunity to, first, detox my whole system from past restrictions and to release sexual emotions and buried dreams, and, second, to come to the point of spiritual fulfilment and new consciousness.

I think the book is a ‘first’ in Malta, in so far as someone is daring to write on such a personal subject and in such an open manner. I am sure that many might not concur with my views and beliefs. I respect their opinions, as I hope they respect mine. It is, after all, an expression of my personal journey on the long trip towards my own happiness and spiritual fulfilment. Then again, I believe that in some way, it is also about you, the reader, on your own journey in search of your own ‘truth.’

Deep down, I know that some of my doubts, pain, anger, aspirations, struggles, frustrations, restrictions, handicaps, observations, achievements and experiences are similar to yours. But in spite of all the past conditioning and negative situations, we can all take control of our destiny and change our lives for the better.

I share mine with you. Sexuality and spirituality have no national boundaries, gender or denomination. They are a common reality to the entire human race. They are as timeless as the cosmos we swim in and breathe life from and as varied as the different hues and colours on an artist’s palette.

Author’s website:

Ġino Lombardi

BDL Books - Gino Lombardi

Ġino Lombardi twieled il-Furjana fit-23 ta’ Lulju tal-1960. Huwa żżewweġ lil Carmen nee’ Vella fl-1987 u għandhom żewġt ibniet, Kimberley u Nicole.

Ġino huwa t-tielet fil-ġenerazzjoni ta’ kittieba. Qablu kien hemm Emilio, li għex bejn l-1881 u l-1956, (bużnannuh), u li kiteb madwar mija u għaxar kotba. Uħud minn dawn huma L-Għama ta’ LourdesIs-Sigriet tal-QrarL-IltiemaTgħallaq u Baqa’ Ħaj! Ġino huwa iben Elio, li wkoll ippubblika diversi rumanzi, fosthom L-Eku tad-Daqqa ta’ ĦartaSonya u Anġelo l-Iswed.

Lombardi ilu jifforma parti mill-Forzi Armati ta’ Malta sa mill-1983.

Fost id-delizzji tiegħu għandu t-tpinġija, id-drama u l-kitba. Ġino ilu jikteb sa minn meta kellu madwar ħmistax-il sena. Kiteb diversi novelli, li bosta minnhom inqraw fuq stazzjonijiet tar-radju, waħda minnhom inħadmet bħala film ghat-televiżjoni. Fil-fatt riċentement huwa kklassifika fit-Tielet Post f’konkors ta’ novelli bil-kitba tiegħu ‘Fejn Mar Kulħadd?’ Aktar riċenti in-novella ‘Mort sal-Bank!’ għaddiet bħala finalista f’kompetizzjoni għal stejjer qosra organizzata minn ONE TV minn fost aktar minn 400 novella oħra.

Ġino Lombardi ippubblika erba’ rumanzi GrammiLeroy  Il-Villa li Tleqq, Leroy L-Eroj! u Id mill-Ġenna. Barra minn dawn għandu rumanz ieħor (Paniku) lest għall-pubblikazzjoni u ieħor fil-proċess tal-kitba.

Kif għedna aktar qabel huwa għandu għal qalbu t-tpinġija. Fil-fatt huwa jħobb idaħħal xi disinn li jkun għamel huwa stess fir-rumanzi tieghu.

Iżda huwa jħobb ukoll id-drama u ħa sehem f’diversi rappreżentazzjonijiet teatrali ma’ ħafna kumpaniji, kif ukoll deher f’diversi sensiliet u programmi televiżivi, kif ukoll f’films lokali u barranin.

George Cassar

BDL Books - George Cassar

Comm. Prof. George Cassar holds a B.A. (Educ.), M.Ed. and Ph.D. from the University of Malta. He is an associate professor in the Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture of the same University.

Prof. Cassar is a historical sociologist and a pedagogist who has published extensively in a number of areas namely: History, Education, Social Studies, Sociology, Heritage and Culture. Recent books authored include: “Onwards Mosta” The life and times of the Mosta Scout Group 1916-2008 (Malta, 2009); Inside the Malta Union of Teachers 1919-2009: Ninety years of active trade unionism and professional development (Malta, 2009); Student representation at the University of Malta – A history: 1901 – 1971 (Malta, 2011); The Emergence of a Maltese Teacher Corps: From modest origins to strength in unity 1800–1919 (Malta, 2012); Exploring the heritage around us in Mosta, Rabat, Mdina … and much more (Malta, 2013); Qrendi its people and their heritage (Malta, 2014); Life in Mdina: from Punic times to the present day (Malta, 2015); What they are: food and footways in Mdina and beyond – From Roman times to the Middle Ages (Malta, 2015).

As editor, recent publications include: Cultexchange Italia-Malta: La rivalutazione delle catacombe come simbolo comune per la valorizzazione delle tradizioni transfrontaliere (Ragusa, 2008); Social Transitions in Maltese Society (Malta, 2009); and, From the Great Siege to the Battle of Lepanto: The life and times of Malta and the Order f St John 1565-1571 (Malta, 2011); History teaching & research: bridging the theory/practice divide, vol. 2 (co-editor, Malta, 2011); The Mediterranean Region: A state of the art report on the situation of Mediterranean countries (Malta, 2015); Mill-Mosta ̓l Barra (co-editor, Malta 2015); The Lost Album – Antonio Sciortino (copy editor, Malta, 2015); Sustainable Tourism Management – A Collection of Studies from Malta, Lebanon and Jordan (Malta, 2015).

He is also editor of the annual academic journals Sacra Militia, Arkivju and The Educator.

He has convened and regularly participates in national and international conferences and seminars, besides presenting academic papers in such fora. He is also active in EU projects where he has acted as project manager or participant in a number of such projects. He is also a committee member of a number of local N.G.O.s and V.O.s.

For his work Prof. George Cassar has been awarded the ‘Ġieħ il-Mosta’ by the Mosta Local Council, the ‘Grazzi Badge’ by The Scouts Association of Malta, and the ‘Commendatore pro Merito Melitensi’ by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Albert W. Agius

BDL Books - Albert W. Agius

Albert W. Agius, magħruf ukoll bl-isem ta’ Bertie, twieled Birżebbuġa fl-10 ta’ Settembru 1933, bin il-Kaptan Joseph Edward Agius u Rosa xebba Borg.

Huwa ngħata l-edukazzjoni sekondarja tiegħu b’xejn fis-Seminarju Minuri, il-Furjana. Bejn l-1975 u l-1977 għamel kors fil-ġurnaliżmu fl-Università ta’ Malta.

Albert kien impjegat bħala ‘operator’ fit-telekomunikazzjonijiet ma’ Cable & Wireless (1950-1975) u mat-Telemalta (1975-1978). Huwa għamel xi żmien jaħdem ‘part-time’ mal-Forestals (Appliances) Ltd.

F’Novembru 1978 Albert emigra mal-familja tiegħu lejn l-Awstralja fejn, għall-ewwel, kien impjegat bħala skrivan fis-Servizz Pubbliku ta’ New South Wales. Ftit aktar minn sena wara huwa mar Melbourne fejn impjega ruħu bħala fizzjal amministrattiv mal-Commonwealth of Australia. Huwa kellu pożizzjonijiet f’dipartimenti diversi, inklużi sentejn (1987-1989) bħala ġurnalist anzjan (Senior Journalist) fl-iSpecial Broadcasting Service.

F’Melbourne qatta’ bosta snin jaħdem mal-anzjani fid-Dipartiment tas-Saħħa. F’Settembru 1993 kien issekondat mill-Gvern Awstraljan bħala konsulent fis-Segretarjat Parlamentari għall-Kura tal-Anzjani f’Malta. Huwa ppreżenta r-rapport tiegħu, Measuring the Care, f’Diċembru 1993.

Albert inħatar Membru tal-Ordni Sovran, Militari, Ospitalier ta’ San Ġwann ta’ Ġerusalemm, ta’ Rodi u ta’ Malta (magħruf fil-qosor bħala l-Ordni ta’ Malta jew ukoll bħala SMOM) f’Ġunju 1997.

F’għeluq il-millennju, Albert ippubblika it-Teżawru, l-ewwel teżawru bil-Malti, wara ħidma li ħaditlu madwar għaxar snin.

Ħafna nies f’Malta jafu lil Albert W. Agius bħala l-korrispondent ta’ The Times fl-Awstralja sa mill-1983. Din il-gazzetta ppubblikat ukoll serje ta’ aktar minn 150 artiklu miktubin minnu dwar l-esperjenzi tal-emigranti bikrin f’dan il-kontinent. Dan għamillu l-kuraġġ biex jippubblika t-tieni ktieb tiegħu, Maltese Settlement in Australia: Building a Community, li kien stampat f’Melbourne fl-2001.

Fis-sena 2004 Agius ippubblika t-tielet ktieb tiegħu (it-tieni tiegħu fis-sensiela bl-Ingliż dwar l-emigranti Malti fl-Awstralja) bil-Maltese Settlement in Australia II; fears, tears and cheers. Fl-istess sena ħareġ ktieb ieħor bil-Malti, Qwiel, Idjomi, Laqmijiet Maltin u trufijiet oħra.

Din is-sena, jigifieri l-2011, Agius ippublika l-edizzjoni l-ġdida tat-teżawru, it-Teżawru, aġġornat bir-regoli l-ġodda tal-Malti u li fih madwar 8,000 kelma ewlenija. Din l-edizzjoni tinkludi kemm sinonomi kif ukoll antonomi bil-kliem ewlenija bil-kulur biex jiffaċilita l-użu tat-teżawru.

Sa minn ċkunitu, Bertie ħabb l-isport. Barra milli kien jilgħab il-football (Sliema, Melita, Birkirkara) u l-waterpolo (Neptunes) fl-ogħla sfera f’Malta, huwa fforma l-Hockey Association of Malta fl-1967 u kien l-ewwel segretarju ta’ din l-għaqda nazzjonali. Albert ħadem assidwament biex iġib dan l-isport ’il quddiem u rnexxielu jwassal it-tim nazzjonali Malti biex jikkompeti fl-ewwel kampjonati Ewropej fi Brussel, f’Settembru 1970. Huwa kien jilgħab mal-Malta Eastern Club.

Albert huwa miżżewweġ lil Phyllis Tanti u għandhom tliet subien, Robert, Michael u Bernard.

Joe Bugeja

Joe Bugeja was born in Floriana in 1930, the eldest of a working class family of ten children who experienced the relative poverty of those times. He earned a B.A. (Hons) in 1964 and an M.A. in 1966, both in English Literature. In 1973, he also read sociology and political science obtaining an M. Litt a post graduate degree, from Oxford University. His teaching career spanned forty-eight years. Joe Bugeja is married to Candida Camilleri, and are parents to two sons, Christopher and Bernard.

Prof. Mag. Robert L. Dauber

alt1939 born, Austrian citizen, Gymnasium of Benedictine monastery St. Paul in Carinthia, Commercial High School in Klagenfurt, University of Vienna (Law), Magister iuris.

Professional life: For 35 year career in Austrian international trading groups including overseas ship transportations; Chief Executive Officer; lifelong worldwide travels.

Hobbies and interests: Lifelong Yacht-sailing, mainly in the Mediterranean, since 1978 Knight (Grand Cross) of Grace and Devotion of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta – SMOM; social work. Already since his youth interested in history, mainly in the naval history of the Mediterranean and of Malta; the author started after his professional retirement a very lively career in historical and naval research; exhibitions and publications in German, English and Italian, mainly in the field of the history and naval history of SMOM as well as the old relations of Malta with Middle European countries.


Among his approx. 45 publications are:

  • Die Mariene des Johanniter-Malteser Ritter Ordens, 500 Jahre Seekrieg zur Verteidigung Europas, 1. Ed. Weishaupt Verlag, Graz; 3. Ed.
  • La Marina del Sovrano Militare Ordine di Malta, The Navy of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (Colombiade Genova), Brescia 1992.
  • Der Johanniter Malteser Orden in Österreiich und Mitteleuropa, 850 Jahre gemeinsamer Geschichte, Ed. Dauber.
  • Band I Hochmittelalter (12 Jhdt. Bis 1291), Wien 1996.
  • Band II, Spämittelater und früNeuzeit 1291 bis 1618), 1998.
  • Band III, Neue Zeit (1618 bis 1798), 2000.
  • Ordenspfarre und Kommende des Johanniter Malteser Ordens in Ebenfurth 1268 -1748; in Philapitsch, Ebenfurth. Pfarre im Wandel der Mächte Ebenfurth, 1997.
  • Knights of the Sovereign and Military, Religious and Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta in the National Navies of Europe 1300-1600, Naples 1997.
  • Die Malteser Ordens-Marine im Tükenkrieg 1736-39 an der Danau, Wien. 2002 (English Edition in preparation).
  • Bailiff Fra Joaquin de Portocarrero (1681-1760), Knight and Ambassador of Malta, General and Lieutenant-Fieldmarshal, Austrian Viceroy of Sicily; Priest, Patriarch, Cardinal, Bishop, Ambassador of Spain at the Holy See, Co-founder of the Library of Malta, Malta, 2003.
  • Strategic and personal cooperation between the Knights of Malta and the Emperor in his wars against the Ottomans (1523-1798), in Journal of the Sacra Militia Foundation, Issue 3, May 2004, Malta.
  • A rediscovery of the first contemporary and authentic picture of the Great Carrack SANT’ ANNA of the Order of Malta (1535), in Sacra Militia Journal, Issue 4, 2005.

Honours and Titles

  • Decoration of Honor in Gold for Services to the Republic of Austria
  • Grand Decoration of Honor for Services to the Republic of Austria
  • Professional title Professor of the Republic of Austria
  • Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art of the Republic of Austria, 1st Class
  • Knight Grand Cross of Grace and Devotion of SMOM
  • Knight Commander of the Order of the Phoenix (Republic of Greece)
  • Knight Commander of the Order Pro Merito Melitensi (SMOM)
  • Federal Cross of Service of the Republic of Germany, etc.

Mario Cutajar

Mario Cutajar twieled fl-1958.  Dan hu l-ħames ktieb tiegħu u t-tieni wieħed li ħareġ f’din is-Sensiela.  Cutajar studja fl-Universita` ta’ Malta u dik ta’ Leicester fl-Ingilterra.  Iggradwa fl-istudji soċjali u l-management.  Dam ħafna artikolista regolari fuq il-ġurnali tal-Union Print.  Okkupa karigi fil-Partit Laburista u għal diversi snin kien uffiċjal tal-General Workers’ Union li tagħha kien ġie elett ukoll Deputat Segretarju Ġenerali.  Huwa ħadem fil-management kemm fis-settur privat u anki fis-settur pubbliku.

Lenie Reedijk

Lenie Reedijk was born in the Netherlands.  A juridical translator of English and German by profession, she lived and worked in Berlin in the nineteen eighties.  Here she participated in a book project on Maltese Literature, for which she translated selections of the work by Francis Ebejer.  This brought her to Malta in 1990, where she settled that same year and worked as a teacher and interpreter.  Her special interest in Maltese Prehistory, particularly in the Temple Period, goes back to those years.

Since her return to the Netherlands she has given lectures and seminars on the Maltese Temples both there and in Germany.

Horatio Vella

Il-Professur Horatio Caesar Roger Vella twieled f’Tal-Pieta fis-26 ta’ Novembru. 1952, u trabba f’Tas-Sliema. Huwa studja fis-Seminarju tal-Furjana u fl-Ingilterra. Iggradwa fl-Universita ta’ Malta B.A. (Hons.), M.A. u Ph.D. fil-Latin u fil-Grieg bejn 1976 u 1979. Ghallem fl-Universita ta’ Zimbabwe bejn l-1979 u l-1989, u fl-Universita ta’ Malta sa llum. Ghallem ukoll fl-Universita ta’ Malawi, Lnd fl-Isvezja, Riga fil-Latvia, Vilnius fil-Litwanja u Melbourne, fl-Awstralja. Huwa kiteb kotba u artikoli fuq l-istorja ta’ Malta, Epika Klassika, Mitologija Griega, Metrika Klassika u Epigrafija Latina f’Malta , u hadem ukoll fuq traskrizzjonijiet u traduzzjonijiet mil-Latin u l-Grieg, u katalogarizzar u kompjuterizzar ta’ arkivji f’Malta u Ghawdex. Il-Professur Vella, li ilu joqghod f’Hal Kirkop mill-1989 u li jaghti sehem attiv fil-parocca, huwa mizzwweg lil Vivienne nee Caruana, u ghandhom tifel jismu Jerome.

Joe Vella Gauci

Joe Vella Gauci was born on 17 Junuary 1964, in Victoria, Gozo, Malta.  He studied Philosophy and Theology at the Sacred Heart Seminary in Victoria. Upon completion of his studies, he was ordained a priest in 1988.

After his ordination, he pursued further studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He was awarded a BA (Hons) in politics and Religious Studies in 1990, after just two years. This was followed a year later by a Masters in Oriental and African Religious Studies at the same prestigious scholarly institution of SOAS.

Between 1992-1996, he studied for a doctorate at Birmingham University.  He was awarded a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies, the thesis being Christian – Muslim relations as a Topos in Maltese Historiography, Literature and Culture.  This publication constitutes the first volume: the second volume will ensue in due course – it proves we should not spend our lives lying on a bed of unexamined assumptions.

In 1991 he joined the editorial board of The Future of the Islamic World a quarterly magazine for strategic and geo-political studies: issues of the human congregation in the Islamic World, which is published by the Islamic World Studies Centre, Malta. In 2006 he was nominated as a member of the preparatory committee for the Arab-European Forum for Development and Dialogue.  In November 2008 he was commissioned by the Islamic College for Advanced Studies (ICAS) to prepare a textbook on Christian Theology as part of the College’s programme MA in Comparative Philosophy: Islam and the West.

He has travelled extensively in the Arab world and has contributed several articles, including his publication in 1991 entitled: Islamic Law and Mixed Marriages in Malta.  The methodical creation of his innovative website ( is indeed a valid instrument by which the author projects a host of papers, research and other useful material into the public domain.  A much more efficient way of obtaining 100% utility from documents and papers which might otherwise have been left in the dimly lit drawers of libraries and research centres!

Presently, he is a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts (Department of Oriental Studies) within the University of Malta.  He is also engaged as a Distance Learning Tutor for MA Students at the Islamic College for Advanced Studies, University of Middlesex.

Dr Joe Vella Gauci is a versatile and energetic scholar who continues to accumulate academic experiences which have greatly enriched his life.