Gordon Weston

altI was born in the UK where I spent the whole of my working life, but retired early in order to get done some of the things there was so little time for in the world of work. I always had a strong interest in modern history, particularly the First World War. I was an early and enthusiastic member of the Western Front Association (WFA). During my active time in the WFA I researched the raising in 1914-15 of the Tyneside Scottish Brigade (part of Lord Kitcheners ‘New Army’), resulting in a rather over lengthy and un-illustrated manuscript which for those reasons failed to find favour with various publishers. The advent of digital photograph led me to rekindle a previous interest in ‘creative’ photography. For the time being I found this a more immediately rewarding creative pursuit compared to the rigours of writing.

Not long after arriving in Malta I had my first photographic exhibition in 2007: courtesy of Ħeritage Malta. However, though I continued to take and sell photographs, I became increasingly fascinated and absorbed by Maltese prehistory, and returned to writing with some photography. Since the successful publication of my book on the Maltese Cart-Ruts in 2010 I have been engage in the writing a book dealing with one of those rare places in Malta where, within a relatively confine locality, much of Maltese history can still be appreciated by the interested visitor: due for publication in 2012. An ongoing longer term project is research into the origins and motivations of the Maltese Temple builders.