William Zammit

BDL Books - William ZammitB.Ed.(Hons), D.L.I.S., M.A., Ph.D. – Senior Lecturer
Born in Gżira 18.10.1962
Research Interests: Bibliographic control of Melitensia; book, printing and library history; written, visual and oral forms of communication in the early modern period.
Since graduating B.Ed.(Hons) in 1987, William Zammit has taught or lectured at primary, secondary, junior college and university levels. In 1988 he was awarded the Diploma in Library and Information Studies by the University of Malta. In 1995 he graduated M.A. History with Distinction and in 2001 he obtained his Ph.D. in the same subject. He is currently a Senior Lecturer and Head of Department of Library Information and Archive Sciences within the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences.
Major research projects have included the cataloguing of the Archive of the Order of St John for microfilming purposes. This project was carried out between 1993 and 1999 in conjunction with the Hill Monastic manuscript Library of St John’s University, Minnesota, USA. Between 2003 and 2008 Zammit worked on the bibliographic description of the Albert Ganado cartographic collection which was subsequently passed over to Heritage Malta.
Zammit’s major current research project consists of the creation of a bibliographic Melitensia database. For this purpose he has carried out extensive research in Maltese and foreign libraries and archival collections.
Proposals for supervision of dissertations in areas related to libraries and archives, history of printing and of other media of communications, including art, spectacle and oral channels will be considered.
Selected Publications
(i) Books
(2008). Printing in Malta, 1642-1839: its Cultural Role from Inception to the Granting of Freedom of the Press. Malta: Gutenberg.
(2006). L-Istorja ta’ l-Istampar f’Malta. Malta: Publikazzjoni Indipendenza, Kullana Kulturali series, number 70.
(2004). Il Naufragio di San Paolo in Malta: A Maltese Eighteenth-Century Play by Vittorio Gristi. Malta: PEG.
(2000). Guide to the National Library of Malta. Malta: National Library of Malta (co-authored with A.E. Abela).
(1990). Catalogue of the Records of the Order of St John of Jerusalem in the National Library of Malta: volume XIII, archives 2038-2071. Malta: University of Malta (co-authored with Prof. S. Fiorini).
(ii) Papers
(2010). New Light on the Archive of the Inquisition in Malta during French Rule, 1798-1800. In J.F. Grima (Ed.), 60th Anniversary of the Malta Historical Society: A Commemoration. (pp. 275-94). Malta: The Malta Historical Society.
(2010). It-Taħriġ professjonali tal-Librara u l-Arkivisti f’Pajjiżna. In Katalgu, Fiera Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb 2010. (pp. 39-42). Malta: Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb.
(2010). An unknown work by de Soldanis: Notizie Sopra l’Origine ed Avanzi della Biblioteca della Sagra Religione Gerosolimitana. Journal of Maltese Studies:  essays on de Soldanis, 27, 91-139.
(2009). The Creation of a Comprehensive National Collection of Melitensia. In C. Vella, V. Vella and L. Zerafa (Eds.), A Mosaic of Library and Archive Practice in Malta: a collection of papers by MaLIA members and friends on its 40th anniversary 1969-2009. (pp. 47-61). Malta: Malta Library & Information Association.
(2009). A Splendid Baroque Macchina de’ Fuochi for Pope Clement XIV. Treasures of Malta, 16, 1, 56-65.
(2008). Dawl ġdid fuq l-Ewwel Pubblikazzjoni tal-Katekiżmu Kattoliku bl-Ilsien Malti: Tagħlim Nisrani ta’ Franġisku Wzzinu. Il-Malti, 79, 193-205.
(2008). Il-Ħolqien ta’ Kollezzjoni Nazzjonali Komprensiva ta’ Melitensia. In: Katalgu, Fiera Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb 2008. (pp. 51-67). Malta: Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb.
(2007). Mazzini and the Early Maltese Printers: the Naudi Episode of 1850. In S. Mercieca (Ed.), Malta and Mazzini. (pp. 195-203). Malta: The Malta Historical Society.
(2007). Three Published Books of Sermons delivered in Malta between 1694 and 1754. Symposia Melitensia, 4, 123-30.
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(2007). Maltese Chapbook Literature of the 19th and 20th Centuries, I: Origins and Themes. Treasures of Malta, xiii, 2, 60-5.
(2006). Divertimento insieme, e sollievo del popolo: the Coccagna as manifestation of Benevolent Despotism in Ancien Régime Malta. In M. Camilleri & T. Vella (Eds.), Celebratio Amicitiae: essays in honour of Giovanni Bonello. (pp. 69-86). Malta: Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti.
(2006). English-Language Books in Malta during the Knights’ Time, II: British-authored publications in the Order’s Biblioteca Pubblica. Treasures of Malta, xii, 2, 50-7.
(2005). English-Language Books in Malta during the Knights’ Time, I: evidence from the Inquisitorial Records. Treasures of Malta, xii, 1, 22-8.
(2005). Book Trading Practices in Early Modern Malta. Treasures of Malta, xi, 2, 51-9.
(2005). A Treasure Lost: the Portocarrero collection of scientific instruments and interest in the Sciences in Hospitaller Malta. Symposia Melitensia, 2, 1-20.
(2004). Political Satire in Malta – 1860s to 1932. Treasures of Malta, x, 3, 75-8.
(2002). The Communicative Role of Visual Media in Malta, 1700-1798. In T. Cortis and T. Freller (Eds.), Melitensium Amor: festschrift in honour of Dun Gwann Azzopardi. (pp. 325-58). Malta.
(2002). Communicating a New Regime: the Maltese Printed Product during the French Occupation, 1798-1800. Proceedings of History Week 1999, 1-51.
(2002). Bibliography of French Rule in Malta: an update. Proceedings of History Week 1999, 165-7.
(2001). The Maltese Printed Cultural Heritage: towards an identification and bibliographical description of the Maltese printed product, 1642-1839. Storja 2001, 26-41.
(1999). The Inquisitor’s Palace at Vittoriosa: discovery of three original plans in Rome. Treasures of Malta, v, 2, 15-20.
(1997). ‘.An Attempt at Papyrus Production in 1785. Treasures of Malta, iv, 1, 73-6.
(1995). A Bibliography of Giovanni Antonio Ciantar’s Printed Works. Melita Historica, xi, 3, 281-309.
(1994). Printing in Malta during the British Protectorate. In J. Schirò and S. Sørensen (Eds.), Liber Amicorum: essays on Art, History, Cartography and Bibliography in honour of Dr Albert Ganado. (pp. 89-98). Malta.
(iii) Edited works
2010. The Bellanti Family: Contributions to Art and Culture in Malta. Malta: Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti.
2010. Il-Malti: Rivista ta’ l-Akkademja tal-Malti: xogħlijiet magħżula ta’ Ġużè Gatt, ħarga speċjali lxxxi, 2010.
2007-10. Melita Historica: Journal of the Malta Historical Society. Eight issues published between 2000 and 2007.
(iv) Forthcoming
The presence of Forbidden Literature of French Origin in Malta, 1700-1798. In Studi dedicati a Lorenzo Tacchella.
Entry for Maltese Islands in G. Roper (ed.), Handbook of the History of Printing in Europe and around the Mediterranean.
Member, Library Committee, University of Malta Library.
Council Member, Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb (KNK).
Council Member, Malta Historical Society.
Member, Akkademja tal-Malti.
Member (since 1986) and, for many years, Council Member, Malta Library and Information Association (MaLIA). Editor of a number of MaLIA’s publications.
Member, National Archives and National Library Advisory Committees between 2000 and 2003. Appointed by the Hon. Minister of Education to advise upon legislation related to the preservation of written heritage.