Stanley Farrugia Randon

BDL Books - Stanley Farrugia RandonBorn on 15 September 1973 graduated as Medical Doctor in 1997 and then obtained a Diploma in Paediatrics. He is a specialist in Family Medicine but is a member of various cultural and historical associations including the Malta Historical Society, Agrarian Society, The Malta Map Society, The Akkademja tal-Malti, and has been an active committee member of Din l-Art Ħelwa for the past 25 years. He was involved with a number of restoration projects of Din l-Art Ħelwa throughout these years. He loves research and reading Maltese History, fishing, growing vegetables organically, swimming, snorkelling and diving and plays Subbuteo. Apart from writing a number of articles in local newspapers and magazines, he published a number of books:
The Fishing Industry of Malta. Past. Present. Future (1994)
Co-Author in Minn Ħal Balzan (Malta, 1995)
Co-Author in Three Maltese Personalities (Malta, 1996)
Epilepsy – You can lead a normal life (Malta, 1998)
Cerebrovascular Accidents (Malta, 1999)
Multiple Sclerosis (Malta, 1999)
Co-Author in Fishes Around Maltese Waters (Malta, 2000)
Editor of St Paul. His Life, The Shipwreck, Tradition and Culture in Malta and Elsewhere (Malta 2000)
Il-Ħut ta’ Malta (Malta, 2001), No 33 in series Kullana Kulturali by Pubblikazzjonijiet Indipendenza)
Heritage Saved-Historic Monuments Restored by Din l-Art Ħelwa (Malta, 2002, also available in Maltese version)
Popular Fish in the Mediterranean Sea, (Malta, 2004)
Ħut Popolari fil-Baħar Mediterran, (Malta, 2004)
Other Fish in the Mediterranean Sea, (Malta, 2005)
Ħut Ieħor fil-Baħar Mediterran, (Malta, 2005)
Comino, Filfla and St Paul’s Island (1995 and republished in 2006)
Fishing in Malta (Malta, 2007)
Is-Sajda t-Tajba (Malta, 2007)
Wignacourt Tower 400 years and its link with the chapel of St Paul (Malta, 2008)
It-Tniġġis u s-Saħħa (Malta, 2009)
The Wignacourt Tower and Walks in St Paul’s Bay (2010)
Marine Biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea (2010)
Molluscs of the Mediterranean Sea (2011)
Ħal Millieri (2012)
Bir Miftuħ (2013)
Co-author of ‘The Maltese Islands and the Sea’ edited by Dr Timmy Gambin (2015)
Heritage Saved : Din l-Art Ħelwa 1965-2015 (2015)
Il-Biedja f’Malta (2016)
As regards Din l-Art Helwa, we are a non-voluntary organization with the aim of promoting culture, restoring properties and educating people. I have been a Committee Member since the past 18 years and is currently member of the Executive Committee and Restoration sub-committee.